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  • Angled ceiling bracket

    The angled bracket allows you to fit doors to any angled ceiling between 30-90degrees. Ideal for installing doors onto eaves in an attic space.

    Pack of 2 - £6

  • Opening height reducer

    This accessory enables the gap between the top of the doors and the ceiling to be bridged by as much as 460mm. With a minimum height of 130mm.

    Pack of 1 - £6.70

  • Spacer Blocks

    If the ceiling/opening height is between 2500 and 2627mm then these blocks can be used to bring the height down to the maximum door size.

    Pack of 12 - £3.90

  • Fixing Blocks

    These can be used to help create a false end using plasterboard, mdf, or a colour matched decor panel.

    Pack of 10 - £3.19